Peregrine Arc 1 (PDF) - Science Fiction, Fantasy
Peregrines are a dying breed on Nisi. Ever since the GIGA Corporation stole the planet from colonists, mining drones have drained any natural resources while processing plants have destroyed the various biomes that exist on the planet's floating islands. Manu Tangata will fight the GIGA Corporation, along with his friends, as he learns what it means to be a Peregrine. (~11000 words)

Don't Wake Mommy (PDF) - Suspense
Michael returns home after a late night rendezvous, hoping to avoid the attention of his wife and two children. (~1500 words)

The Magic of Magnolias (PDF) - Fantasy
Jason hates his step-father almost as much as he loves his mother, and when the young boy discovers strange new friends in the nearby woods, tensions swell between his parents. (~7700 words)